Tuesday Afternoon Group

The nature of our group is natural/undenatured learning happening within our local community. The structure is very informal and relaxed. A lot of us have preschool aged children so there is an emphasis on compassion and understanding for this stage of life (balancing Home Ed needs as well as young family) therefore if you are late or can’t make it for whatever reason – that is absolutely fine!

We all feel these social skills are really important to role module to our young people. We also value Non-Violent Communication skills and respecting young people as fellow human beings with equal human rights.

Essentially this group will ‘look’ like young people playing/exploring with support as requested by friendly/familiar/caring adults. As most young people are under 10yrs old there is little to no ‘structured’ learning within the group. The group was started to provide the above things as well as a closely connected Home Ed community for Home Ed families.

We understand that our group does not suit every family but it suits ours and we really enjoy it. You are more than welcome to come along and see if it suits your family too.

We communicate primarily through our Facebook page, which is very handy for folk with very young people who may not make it to the group regularly (usually because of day time sleeps).

Request to join the closed facebook group page here.